NaNoWriMo 2009: Shades of Gray [Prologue Excerpt]

2009 October 31 § Leave a comment

There is a seedy, dark underside to the rise of prosperous Desteria, and nobody wants to admit it. A very Robin Hood-like organization has formed in the slums of the Lower City of Desteria’s capital, Lochal, so called because there exists a wide divide between the rich and the poor in the capital city of the prosperous kingdom of Desteria, which has become rich from years of good harvest, peace, and a rising commercialism that has brought trade to its shores and its lands. The leader is the Lord of Thieves – and this thirteen Rogues are his hands, legs, and eyes in his domain, keeping the peace and maintaining a semblance of life despite the terrible conditions that plague the poverty-stricken denizens of the Lower City.

Their job is not only to govern their small little kingdoms in the Lower City, though. The current Lord of Thieves has plans – great plans – to push laws into the forums of the rich and wealthy, to improve living conditions, and to take away the undeserved privilege of the wealthy class, many of whom have long abandoned the time-honored ideals of noblesse oblige.

However, his agenda has caught more than the eye of sympathetic supporters – it as caught the eye of some very dangerous and wealthy noblemen, who would do anything to keep the status quo standing as it has been.

Even kill.

In this crisis caused by an urbanization that has come too fast and too crowded, comes the rise of the first female ever to ascend into the ranks of the Rogues. But, of course, being the first has its own share of problems…



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