NaNoWriMo 2009: Shades of Gray [Excerpt 02]

2009 November 2 § 1 Comment

Suddenly, the rest of the alley and the surrounding walls slid up, then flipped sideways. Lhurriel didn’t have time to do anything but yelp before half her face traded greetings with a pile of large, painful somethings that made the prospect of getting beaten for stealing look more inviting by the second.

Stars exploded behind Lhurriel’s eyes, even as searing heat bloomed like fire along her legs, chest, and face; for a long, excruciating moment, she couldn’t think, breathe, or grasp anything beyond how much her forehead – and her knees, and her toes, and her ankles – were hurting. Lhurriel coughed as she clutched her stomach, and in a dim corner of her mind, she winced at the fallen meat pie, just in the corner of her eye. It had fallen into a puddle of something dark and smelly, beyond the pile of bricks that was not supposed to be here. Her stomach grumbled in protest at the loss of the meal, then abruptly fell silent when sharp, piercing pain flared in her belly and chest when she filled her lungs with air.

Lhurriel half-sobbed, half-groaned.

“There you are. I’m going to beat you good for stealing from me again-!” The voice, and the waddling footsteps, were getting closer.

If she had to die, why couldn’t she have died with a full stomach, at the very least?



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