Wishlist, Etc.

2009 December 31 § Leave a comment

Read This First: I like useful presents. Outside of Yoshi, I don’t like presents that just sit on a table or shelf and gather dust. I prefer used items for things like games and books, because I figure if someone else doesn’t want it and I do, then why bother buying something more expensive, with the only novelty in it being that I was the only owner?

Favorite Scent: Natural scents and light florals. Stronger scents (especially sweet stuff) make me sneeze.

Favorite Hobby: Reading. Video games (I own a Nintendo DS Lite). Been trying to learn to crochet, without much success. I would like to be able to become good enough to make amigurumi someday. =_=

Favorite type of book/author: Fantasy. Mercedes Lackey. I own most of her Valdemar series, but not much of her most recent published work.

Favorite animal: Penguins. Second favorite, cows.

Favorite color: Purple. In combination, with white, black, and gray. Or any of those three in combination.

Favorite music genre/artist: Asian pop. Yuna Ito. I don’t suggest going for a CD: I own most of it, and it’s also very expensive, since I like to buy it new from YesAsia or CDJapan.

Do you collect anything? Yoshi plushes. See here or here for examples. In the small size, I currently have gray, green, red, and light blue. Easiest way is to search “Yoshi plush” on ebay.

Would you be willing to ship international? Yes.

Suggested Gifts:
– A used DS game. I like RPGs the most. Some suggested titles (in no particular): Chrono Trigger DS, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Yoshi’s Island DS, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
– Books. I’m all for trying new authors, and unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to try most of what are considered fantasy ‘classics’ or ‘must-reads’.
– Something handmade? Not sure how the time/material cost would factor in as compared to simply purchasing something, but if you prefer making something, I wouldn’t mind having a small cushion/pillow in my car. Berets like many of these would also work.
– Clothing. This is cute; I need a new beanie for when I go snowboarding in WA in December. More cute! Snow/water-proof gloves that are suitable for skiing and snowboarding. I have small hands.
– Gift Cards or Gift Certificates. I frequently shop at Macy’s, Forever 21, Papaya, and EXPRESS.

I hope I don’t sound really picky. I’m a very easy-going person, so I’ll probably love whatever you (my Secret Santa) gets me.

Thank you! <3


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