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2010 August 5 § 9 Comments

Between yesterday and today, I managed to add two more books to my 50 Book Challenge!

It’s been really wonderful to rediscover my love of reading this summer. Early in June, I decided that I really wanted to get back into the swing of reading for leisure. Reading for class is far from boring (most of the time), but since there is an enforced deadline and enforced external goal (needing the material for essays, or tests), the reading doesn’t have the same kind of relaxed atmosphere as reading for fun is.

Added to which, most class texts happen to be dry and so thick with content, it chokes you.

When I started my summer classes, I decided to re-familiarize myself with the local public library system for the sake of my reading goals. It’s somewhat of a far cry from the two I used to frequent back in the S.F. Bay Area, both of which were extensive in their selection and relatively new in architecture, being newly renovated. I was disappointed, but I didn’t give up. I started borrowing for leisure reading to take with me on the bus and trolley, and soon, I was eating up book after book…

I decided to branch out and look at some of the other libraries, not just the close ones, and I found a gem at Fenton Parkway, near IKEA and Costco!

There is nothing like the smell of books and the silence that comes from studying and reading in a library, punctuated and interrupted only by the sound of the metal cart passing by on its way to empty more books into the shelves, and of other patrons flipping pages in their own selections. The fact that books are so dear to my own heart, for other reasons, only adds color and warmth to a library, even one that I’ve never been to before.

In the mean time, I love to check out any recommendations for readings that you might have. :) I’m currently starting The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin, and have about a dozen more on my table, waiting to be read; but I’m always hungering for new authors, especially since I’m the type that likes to keep to what I know I’ll enjoy.

Ah, libraries. I hope I can add a book to those shelves one day.



§ 9 Responses to libraries and books.

  • sui says:

    you will :)

    also, reading that quote from steve jobs… steve jobs is evil, I think. he really is. glad I never owned any apple products :p

    • kadevi says:

      Well, I’m not sure about evil, but I think making that kind of comment as a well-known public figure is absolutely setting a bad example. He could have used his spotlight to encourage people to read more (convenience), but instead…

      Yeah. Totally made me glad that I never owned any apple products. ;p

      • sui says:

        btw, you are like.. breezing through your challenge! man. my goals for summer last year and this year have both been “read 50 books this SUMMER” (as a kind of reach goal for myself) and.. haha.. Idunno. what do I do with my summer if I don’t read? (I guess I read a lot of online articles instead..)

      • kadevi says:

        I’m in love with books, I honestly am. I just finished another today (a fun romance), and after I finish my class text, I’ll be looking to start another. :)

        I’ve also been trying to blog more (totally influenced by your wonderful and insightful thoughts!), but have found that I don’t always have much to say. I’m considering posting a thing on Prop8 that I wrote in the midst of a debate, though, so hopefully after editing and such, it’ll be ready. :)

      • sui says:

        I don’t always have much to say, either. Silence & pausing is golden :)

  • willis says:

    last night i finished reading “the girl with the dragon tattoo” by Stieg Larsson
    It’s a mystery novel….i did 450 pages in one night cause my book was due this Wednesday…coincidentally on the day of midterm.
    50 books! Quite inspiring! I also wanted to read books for leisure again this summer and so far, I’ve only accomplished reading two. -_____-

    • kadevi says:

      Ooooh :OO Willis, do you own this book? I put a hold on the library for it, but I need to wait 2+ months to get it!

      And yes, reading is fun. ;D

      • willis says:

        I wish I owned it!
        I actually borrowed it from Geisel..and it’s due tomorrow. I technically had it for two more weeks but since there were like 8+ holds on it after me, they shortened my loan period!
        It’s a really interesting read, a little gruesome and shocking in the nature of the mystery, but overall pretty addicting!
        YAY for reading! :)

      • kadevi says:

        Ohh, I see. I didn’t even think about borrowing it from the school library… *___* THANKS WILLIS. I saw it at the bookstore and at Costco, and there were SO many copies. Plus, I hear they’re making a movie based off the story…

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