it’s all a mind game.

2010 August 19 § Leave a comment

happiness, 0.
doubt, 0.

If somebody tells you that it’s easy to set aside an “impossible” dream to achieve something more attainable, that person is lying to you.

It’s similar to the concept of “reach” schools, when you’re applying to college. Some kids have a one or two dream campuses – the one they visited as a kid and fell in love with, or the program that’s so prestigious that 10,000+ students apply every year. Harvard and Yale might accept only 7% or 8% of their applicants, but if you don’t apply, how much of a chance would you have of getting in?


Happiness isn’t something that can be won like a prize. It’s not determined solely by success, or achieving something. If your success means nothing, if your achievement is empty of emotional attachment or investment – they won’t make you happy.

Proud, maybe.

Happy, probably not.

Why is a marathon runner so damned proud when they cross the finish line three spots up from last place? It’s because they know they tried. They put in their greatest effort – training for that day, getting ready to tackle a huge challenge, running straight for the goal – and even if they don’t come in ‘first’, as long as the effort is there, could you really dismiss the result as meaningless?

There is no impossible dream, because reaching for them gives you something that walking the other path won’t give you. Maybe you won’t reach the stars – but if you land on the moon, who’s to say you haven’t done something amazing?

The moment you lose track of who you are and what you’re aiming for, you lose. But if you have a goal – no matter how high, no matter how far – then every detour on that journey is a moment worth experiencing.

doubt, 0.
happiness, ∞.


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