Reblog: a true story.

2010 August 22 § 1 Comment

This friend of mine amazes me every day with her outlook on life, her courage, and her pursuit of true love – love of her own body and her own self.

I wanted to share this blog entry that she wrote because it carries a message that I struggled with for a very long time, and sometimes still continue to struggle with today.

Conquering a lacking self-image is hard. Health is difficult for me to focus on when I look at myself in the mirror and see imperfections that I know I could fix, but have not (out of laziness, “I’ll do it later”, or whatever reason). Most of the time, I embrace all of me – including every imperfection – because it’s who I am. I completely recognize and acknowledge that I would not be who I am were it not for the unique thoughts and experiences that I have every day of my life. But, most people have moments when they look in the mirror and wish that change were not so damned difficult. I have succumbed to such bouts of weakness, and hated myself for it.

Strength isn’t having no weaknesses; strength is overcoming them. Loving yourself isn’t limited to feeling pride in your material and everyday accomplishments – it’s also about respecting and embracing your flaws, understanding your weaknesses and struggling to win your battles despite them, and knowing in your heart that you are fucking amazing because of everything that isn’t perfect – everything about you is special. :)

I apologize if I sound like a cliché. I think Sui is absolutely fantastic, and one of the most amazing and genuine people I know. I am inspired every day by her words, and count myself incredibly blessed to know her, and to have known her in my life.

I woke up this morning four hours past my waketime. I had wanted to go on a long run today, to clear my head. I hadn’t run much in the past week or so. But I woke up too late. The sun was already stretching across the land and it was getting hot soon.

a true story, continued ~



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