long days.

2010 October 1 § Leave a comment

When I’m stressed and have had a long day – or, like today, have had a string of long days, each of them with its own bad point in some way or another – some things have a way of making their way under my skin and bothering me, even when I try to tell myself to brush it off. Water off a turtle’s back and all that.

On the writing forum I help to administrate, I was making some usual re-organization bits, like I do every couple of months, and I moved a thread that I felt fell into the new category. Easier if everything of one type is grouped together in one area – that way, nobody is jumping from subforum to subforum trying to find a piece of policy or an obscure rule.

About an hour later, I wander back through the main area, and it’s back there – and I could have sworn I’d moved it.

Insert perplexed look.

I’m the farthest thing from power-grabbing. I’m happy to be background support, administrative organizer, what have you; I’m used to thankless jobs and luckily, I’m perfectly happy not being recognized. What gets irritating is when I have my authority undermined because of a “MY TERRITORY” attitude.

After three long days, a small, insignificant thing like that is pretty much like a slap in the face. I’m always getting usurped, “thanks but this doesn’t apply”, and general responses that indicate that I do matter – but only when I’m not doing things that matter.

Tomorrow, this incident will be water off a turtle’s back. Today, it’s a message that I’m not appreciated for what I do.


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