my lady

2011 February 23 § Leave a comment

all of these emotions
i cannot untangle them
knotted and twisted
a maze of uncertainty
how can i shape them into words?
My Lady
do you hear my thoughts?

sadness. anger. frustration.
there is no outlet
nowhere to go
bubbling until it bursts inside
to where this hurt
these words
to where can they go?
My Lady
can you help me find a way?

deep breaths
eyes closed
until you give shape to my feelings
your sound bringing all to life
My Lady, my protector
can you guide my heart and spirit once more?

You are Timelessness
fleeting Beauty in the air
essence as Sound
essence as Silence
and soothing
before settling into peace

and when your whispers end, finally
resolve beckons to me with gentle hands
but if my words are still
like a maze that has no finish
like a stair that loops into itself
what then?

My Lady, please
give me calm and strength
for my heart, to face this greatest of fears
for my eyes, to gaze ahead
for my hands, to not tremble
for my breath, to not vanish
for my lips, to speak the truth
for it is not a victory I seek, but
a reconciling
a renewal
a promise

My Lady
can you hear my prayer?


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