Moments to Moments

2011 March 17 § 2 Comments

There are so many people who have responded to the “Asians in the library” rant posted by Alexandra Wallace with hate, racism, and anger. I think this video is an exemplary educational piece about our need to not simply react to moments of ignorance, but to respond to it and try to understand the issues that underly that ignorance.


after watching “asians in the library,” and many subsequent postings in response, i wrote this. rather than attack alexandra wallace for her thoughts, i decided to write a persona piece in her voice, as a means to address some of the greater issues revealed in her rant. in the end, this poem isn’t really about her and what she said, but more the thoughts and beliefs people hold, without considering the entire history that may have led them to think and believe in the manner that they do. my hope is that we can all use this moment to recognize that we all need to improve our ability to understand and share this world with each other. this is just a small contribution to furthering that conversation. thank you for listening.


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§ 2 Responses to Moments to Moments

  • sui says:

    beau sia is beautiful. I avoided watching the original video for a while but this sparked my interest.

    sadfxfdxf <3

    • miss.eevee says:

      I saw the original first and wondered if I should blog my feelings about the entire situation. It’s still hard for me to articulate my thoughts, but I would like to think that listening to beau sia helped me at least a little bit.

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