About Me

I am Yvonne – a daughter to two, a sister to one, and a friend to many. I was the eleventh and former president of MASA, an enthusiastic volunteer of SDAFF, a member of San Diego Tzu Ching. I am an avid reader, and an aspiring writer. I am a self-professed gamer girl and night owl, but I am also a workaholic and something of an overachieving perfectionist. I am a student, and a volunteer; a citizen of the country, but also a citizen of the world.

I am Kadevi, a pen name that originates from a story that goes back to a world where a nomad princess gets adopted into the ‘civilized’ royal family of Kreeshta. Kadevi was then originally a minor character. It was as Kadevi that I first truly explored the art and beauty of the written word, finding a passion so deep that I could now never live without being able to express all the worlds I have dreamt, and share the stories that these imagined characters have entrusted into my keeping.

I am a dreamer who expresses life with words.

Welcome to my sanctuary, Sunadokei, an hourglass in which I can capture moments in the living stories of my dreams, and the precious moments of my own life.


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